Conscious Mind Mastery


Conscious Mind Mastery


Journey with us into the workings of the mind and its relationship to our emotions, feelings, and our whole life experience, in this hands-on Transformational live event in Tampa "Conscious Mind Mastery". To be held at the beautiful Downtown Marriott Water Street on Saturday, September 21st.

Don't forget to register soon to take advantage of the Early Bird discount. The deadline is August 25th!

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Join our hands-on day of letting go of the past and empowering the future, through affirmations, ancient Chinese healing meditations, healing essential oils applied to acupuncture points, and more. Visit the Conscious Mind Mastery Website to register and learn all the details about this very unique opportunity.

This amazing workshop will help you clear deep rooted blockages, negative emotional patterns, and limiting beliefs, that are preventing you from manifesting all your dreams and goals. You’ll also:

• Discover ancient beliefs and techniques from Asia with cutting edge modern science to help you live a more healthy life, create and maintain a positive mind, free yourself from your own emotional limitations, shift your life and embark on a journey of pure unlimited potential.

• Learn how the emotional stresses, events and situations in your past become your emotional baggage and how it shapes who you are today. Also, in this class, you will realize how this emotional baggage is affecting you, influencing your whole life experience, and you will learn how to cut this baggage to finally be able to move forward in life.

• Experience and go through a full day of conditioning, clearing, reprogramming, along with visualization meditations, and Qi (chi) Gong exercises.

• Discover how to integrate essential oil formulas and use them on acupuncture points. Learn the 6 essential oil combinations that have been designed to create a specific outcomes and will be combined to a very specific set of acupuncture points promoting a miraculous transformation within you, unlocking your true potential and releasing all limitations preventing you from escalating.

And much more!

Get ready to magnetize your life to achieve all your dreams!

General Registration: $125

Early Bird Registration: $85, if registered before August 25th

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