Auricular  Medicine  is  a  highly  developed system of both diagnosis and treatment.

Auricular   Medicine   is   a   term   coined   by the   world’s foremost grand Master and premiere expert Dr. Huang Lichun.

 Ears have been used  to  treat diseases  in  China for more than    2000    years,  but   recently   in  the   last  few  decades  has become  a  complete   system   of   medicine   able   to   treat   and   diagnosis  the whole body.

The   Ear,  known  as  the  window  to  the  brain in Chinese Medicine,   is   a   very   useful   aspect    for   both   treatment   and diagnosis.  Based  on the Theory of   “Reversed Embryology”,  the ear  contains  an  image  or   map   of  the  whole body, similar to a foot reflexology diagram. 

Being   composed  of   over   200   points,  each   of   these points when  stimulated   can  regulate  all   bodily   functions   be-cause these  points  are  directly  linked  to  the  nervous  system. Auricular  Points  are  specific  locations   that  correspond  to  dif-ferent  areas  of the body. By stimulating  the  auricular  points, we can treat the disharmony of its corresponding part(s). 

With  auricular  diagnosis, a  well-trained   practitioner  can   identify  most   ailments   anywhere   in  the   human  body.  By  expertly examining the ear,  the  well-trained  practitioner  can accurately determine  symptoms  and the  root causes of disease.  Through various auricular  points, one  can  get  information  about  the  health  condition  of  a  person.  More  importantly,  it  can  also  give  the  historical information of the disease and predict the potential of certain diseases. 

There  are  various  methods  of  Auricular  diagnosis including Auricular Electrical Detection. This diagnostic method measures the auricular  cutaneous  (skin)  resistance.  Analyzing  the  auricular  points  and analyzing  the results can be a reference for diagnosis and a foundation for point  selection.  When a person  is  suffering  from a disease, or has  had a  history of disease, the cutaneous resistance of the auricular points related to that disease will decrease dramatically.  Information gathered can  be applied for locating areas of concern and helping with diagnosis. 

Auricular  Seed  Therapy is one of the  main treatment methods used in Auricular Medicine.Seed therapy refers to the placement of small vacarria seeds that are placed on the skin by means of small, square skin colored pieces of tape. The seeds are applied to selected auricular points and are pressed multiple times per day in order to stimulate the point and treat various conditions. 

The patient  is  taught  how  to  stimulate  the points  for continued  use at home.   Ear  seeds  typically remain on the ear for about a week so that the patient may treat themselves and obtain better lasting results. 

 Auricular  treatment  is  safe and painless, and may be used as an alternative to acupuncture treatments, when needles are not desired. 

Dr. Fontanini has studied directly  under Dr. Huang Lichun  and  was  granted  Master of  Auricular  Medicine.  He  has  also  studied directly  under  her  partner also  named Dr. William Huang who has since passed.  He feels blessed for these special opportunities and is very passionate about Auricular Medicine.