Cupping  therapy  is  a  very  important  part  of  Chinese medicine which  has  been  used thorough out Chinese history.  The earliest record  of  its  use  in  China  is  in  a  book  from  a  famous  doctor named  Ge  Hong  (281-341 A.D.).   Since  then  it has evolved and has  passed  the  test  of  time  for  effectiveness.  Nowadays most Asian  families  have  someone  in  their  family  that  is  competent to use this form of therapy for the whole  family and has become a home therapy for certain conditions.

Cupping therapy  is  a form  of treatment in which cups are placed over  certain  acupuncture  points  or  over  areas  of  the  body   to create  suction. This suction is  opposite  to a massage, instead of pushing into tissue, the cups actually lift and stretch out the tissue by  lifting  it into  the  suction  cup.  This  suction causes tissue that is  painful,  tight, or  in spasm  to be  stretched out  and allowed  to become more normal  and essentially released  of tension, spasm and  pain.  For  most  patients,  this  is  a  particularly  relaxing  and relieving sensation. Once suctioned, the cups  are generally left in place for about ten minutes while the patient relaxes.

Three basic processes occur to the body that can cause significant benefits for patients:

1. Cupping  lifts the  tissue  up  and  pulls  it  into  the  suction cup in order to treat pain safely and effectively.  By doing this, cupping helps      reduce inflammation. 

2. Cups can  increase  circulation.  Cupping  sucks  body  fluid, normal  blood  or  stagnant  blood  to  the  surface  of  the  skin  helping  to      establish normal blood and oxygen flow to tissue.  This is realized by the red  to dark red color it  can leave  under the suction cup.  The      light or dark color  left after  cupping  therapy  can be  an indicator  of how  the circulation  is in  the  area  of the  cups.  This is of clinical      importance for the  practitioner and  usually the  cups will be used in a course of therapy until the color becomes normal light red and a      relief of pain or a problem has occurred. 

3. Cups help to detoxify by pulling the cell waste, stagnant blood, or lactic acid out from below the cup causing it to dislodge and become      more free to be  discharged from  the body.  This is why drinking  sufficient room temperature to hot water after cupping therapy is very      important.  This will help flush out un-wanted material from the body and help rehydrate the cells. 

Benefits of Cupping Therapy:

1. Releases lactic acid and cell waste in the muscles or corresponding parts of the body

2. Improves circulation, oxygenation, and detoxification

3. Promotes relaxation of tight muscles

4. Soothes muscle spasms and tension in muscles

A vast amount of modern research has been performed in hospitals  in Asia specifically  relating to cupping therapy. Cupping therapy has now  made  its way  around the  world  to  virtually  every  continent  in  every  direction.  Many  protocols  for  specific diseases  have been created due to this modern research allowing new treatments to be developed and used.

Dr. Fontanini has had a  special opportunity  to study  with a true  master of  Chinese cupping.  Thanks  to  this master  he has been taught many  techniques  and  methods  of  cupping  that  are  not  regularly  taught  or  known.  His  master  has  since  passed, but  his  skill  and technique  are alive and  well inside Dr. Fontanini.   Please  enjoy this  art of natural  healing that can help restore your health in a powerful way.