See what our patients are saying about their experience at our clinic:

I have been going to Justin for several months now with great improvement. I was very concerned about a cyst in my pancreas, because of the fact of being a cancer survivor. Justin knew I was worried about an upcoming CT so he start teaching me meditation which has done wonders! I did this 10 times the day before I went to Moffitt and when I had the test done there were no signs of a cyst at all plus the pain is gone. I have also cut back on my blood pressure medicine as it is running lower now. This has been such a blessing to me I thank God every day for leading to Justin and his teaching me how to improve my health and my state of mind.
— Dottie Dees
When I first came, I had a lot of digestion and fatigue issues. I would have never believed, but I am soo much better. Almost NO digestion issues and fatigue is so much better too! I always try to convince people to try it for their issues.
— Margie McMullen
I bought some Goji Berries and the first time I ate them with my cereal that evening I told my daughter-in-law that I could see something a little clearer. Something was happening to my eyes, I could actually see a little clearer. I ate one bag so far and I really think my eyes can see a little better and that in time I could have a chance to see a little bit better. I’m on my second bag. In July, I will be 89 years old and I’m in pretty good shape. I’m so very proud of my progress with the Goji Berries.
— Wilma Yarbrough
For 18 months I was in pain with my left hip. After 2 x-rays I was told that the only solution to ease my pain was a hip replacement (March 2017). The surgery was planned for end of 2017.
On Monday April 4th 2017, the pain was 95% gone. Thanks to Justin’s Acupuncture science, with stretching and relaxation. It works!Thank you Justin.
— Micheal Cormon
When I first went to Acupuncture and Natural Therapies I was having chronic headaches and heavy painful menstrual cycles. It has been just over two months and I am happy to say the headaches are gone completely. My cycle has been far better, less flow, and almost no pains. I feel remarkable and I am for the first time in my life able to partake in normal activities without fear of being presented due to illness.
— Patsy Russell
Dr. Justin,

After taking your herbs Xiao Chai Hu Tang for 1 week. My Liver numbers went down by 12 points!! They went from abnormal to normal. This is the lowest they have been in 6 months! Thank you Dr. Justin!
— A Very Happy Patient
I went to Dr. Fontanini (Justin) because no one could help me. I had pain like a gallbladder attack, but my gallbladder was removed several years ago. I also had a fatty liver, diabetes, high blood pressure, and environmental asthma. After doing what Justin suggested, my blood sugar (Alc) is almost normal, my blood pressure is normal, the pain is gone, and my asthma is so much better. I couldn’t walk far in the heat, now I can walk 2 miles and farther. Additionally, my friends and hair dresser noticed positive changes in my overall appearance. If any problems come up in the future, I will definitely seek out Justin’s care.
— Terry McDonald
Since I’ve been getting Acupuncture, I am feeling much stronger and the stress that I was feeling has disappeared. I sincerely recommend Acupuncture to anyone needing to feel better.
Your staff has been wonderful. I don’t think I could get better care anywhere else.
Thank You,
— Vivian Schobert
My sincere thanks to Dr. Justin Fontanini. My name is Antoaueta, 59 years old, from Bulgaria. I was diagnosed with breast cancer followed by surgery, radiation, chemotherapy.
One year ago the PET CT scan showed that I have damage to my liver and MRI examination found a lesion – early metastasis.
I was blessed to meet Dr. Justin. They treated me with genuine compassion and they are gentle, patient, and with knowledge. They are taking care of me as a unique human being, not just an illness and they go deep to the roots for the condition. They use their analytical mind and knowledge and through observation, tongue, ear and more diagnosis techniques and pulse reading they could determine what the imbalance was. Then with herbs, moxa and acupuncture, dietary advice, wholesome lifestyle and more, they created balance to the energy flow in the body, to engage the body to heal.
After almost a year, I feel much better. My energy level improved, I sleep well, the swelling is gone, I have regular bowel movements, even my arthritis pain for so many years went down, I enjoy life. I stopped using any medication at all. Thank you so much!
— Antoaueta
Three years ago, I became ill. I was given up by my other Dr. He told me, he could no longer help me. He had tried everything, tests and x-rays, and still no diagnosis. Finally I decided to try another Dr. with some complicated test. He came up with a diagnosis, Scleroderma, cause unknown and no cure. I refused to give up until a friend brought me to Dr. J. Fontanini. Who listened attentively and looked over a folder of my medical records I brought to him. He started treating me with acupuncture and I began to receive some improvement, the pain lost its strong grip on me. My energy level started to increase gradually, my hands began to loosen up. That gave me hope that I will recover in a matter of time. I am looking for a 100% recovery.
Thank You,
— Juliette Barry
I have made remarkable progress since coming to Acupuncture and Natural Therapies. Many of the health issues I had a year ago since coming here have gone or are not issues anymore! Thank You.
— Chris Charlton
I was having trouble with my foot when I first met Dr. Justin. I was at Bike Bash and had ridden my bike about 30 miles that day. Dr. Justin pulled out a little electric thingy, zapped my hand a couple of times, and my foot pain was gone! I had limped up to his booth, and I walked away without the limp!
I had filled out a questionnaire of aches and pains when I first started coming in. Two months later at my recheck, I had 40% less checks in the negative columns.
When I sprained my ankle on MLK day I had an appointment with Dr. Justin the next day. He asked to see me the next day, after some complaining I did. On Monday, I sprained my ankle, Tuesday and Wednesday I had acupuncture, on Thursday, I drove myself to work!
My ankle was still swollen for a few weeks, but I had NO pain! My ankle healed normally, and I was beck on my bike in no time!
— June S.
Dr. Justin is very good in pinpointing the illness and helping in my healing. I had severe arthritis in various parts of my body over a year ago. Over time from going regularly, I only go once a month now, since the pain is controlled. Dr. is very caring and would recommend to other patients.
— Anonymous
For 3 months, I had been experiencing excrutiating pain in m right hand’s ring finger. I was unable to open or close my hand without the help of my left hand. After my treament frmo dr. Justin yesterday (8/14/18), I could oopen and close my hand with NO PAIN! Many Thanks to Dr. Justin for the great healing he provides.
— Linda Cantor
On March 9, 2013, I turned 80 after living a pain free life as a Flying Officer and Commander in the USAF. Then I spent several years as a Contractor and finally just a Husband, Grandfather and Golfer. Then on March 29, 2013, I rose from my computer chair and had a severe pain in my right thigh/buttock. It was so painful, I called my Doctor on Easter Sunday to get some relief. He put me on pain pills and muscle relaxant pills and later had an x-ray.
The pain did not go away and my Doctor sent me to the Tampa Orthopedic Clinic. I had eight
treatments with no relief from the pain and their Chiropractor gave me a belt to wear, which did not help the pain.
Then, at an outdoor market with my wife, I was in such pain I needed to sit down and a lady at the Acupuncture and Natural Therapies both, offered me a chair to sit on. She then invited me to come
to their office for a consultation.
I did go to their office and met Justin Fontanini, a Chinese trained acupuncturist. He explained to me that the Chinese over the last 40 years had been using pressure points in your ear to solve problems. He asked to sit in a chair and move my right leg while he pinched my right ear hard. Instantly, MY PAIN WENT AWAY.
My pain never returned and now 13 months after he pinched my ear, I have no pain. Thank you!
— Milt Steadman