Acupuncture  is  a  branch  of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which  is  the  oldest  form  of medicine practiced in today’s world. With texts dating  back 2000 years  and  philosophies dating  back 8000  years, this ancient system of healing is gaining popularity in our  country  and  around  the world at a rapid pace.  TCM is being used  by  millions  of  people due  to  its ability to naturally heal the body  and  increase the body’s function so the body can regain its own self-healing capability.

Acupuncture  is  the  insertion  of  fine  sterile needles into specific points  along  pathways  (meridians)  in  the  body  to  adjust many circulatory  systems  and  regulate  internal  organ function.  When stimulated,  acupuncture  points  can  stimulate  and  help  a  local area  problem  and  can  also be used to affect distant areas in the body.  For example, there  are points located on the wrist that can be used to treat neck pain. 


There is modern  research  that  suggests  the positive effect of  acupuncture on the regulation  of neurotransmitters, hormones,  immune cells, and  even  release of  endorphins.  An  example of  such  a point is  He  Gu (LI4), which  is used  to help the body release a hormone called  oxytocin. This hormone  makes the uterus contract therefore assisting pregnant women in labor.  There are many other points that have  equal or  more  significant  effects on  the body.  In the west, we have just  started to  learn about all the benefits of acupuncture that Asian countries have experienced for thousands of years.