Justin Fontanini D.O.M., A.P.

Dr. Justin  Fontanini  was  first  exposed  to  natural  medicine  by  his  father. He  began to needle  his  family,  close  friends,  and  himself  when  he  was  just 18  years  old  from the guidance of his father. 

Justin  graduated  from East  West  College of  Natural  Medicine  in  Sarasota, Florida. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Health  Science  and Masters degree  in Oriental Medicine  and  he is  board certified by the state of Florida and NCCAOM.  Justin is recognized as an  Acupuncture  Physician, Doctor  of  Oriental Medicine, and  Board  Certified Herbal Physician. 

While  in Florida, Justin apprenticed with two world famous doctors who teach a new form of  medicine  known as  Auricular  Medicine.  One  named  Dr. Huang  is  regarded  as  the Worlds  Master of  Auricular  Medicine  and  has treated the president of China, Italy, Fidel Castro, and  many  other  government  officials.  Justin  assisted   in  research,  which  was published as the book Auricular Diagnosis.  He also assisted editing another book named Auricular  Medicine, The  New Era of  Medicine and Healing.  Justin received a Master Certificate of Auricular Medicine in 2006. He is part of a select group in the world who holds this recognition. 

In 2004, Justin met  another unique Chinese  Medicine doctor to  apprentice  with  who has 7  generations  and over 200 years of Chinese Medicine  Doctors  in his family. Together  they published articles and held many advanced trainings for Acupuncturists in Florida. Having practiced  Tai Chi and  Qi Gong for many  years inspired him to become a Certified Qi Gong Instructor and he offers weekly Tai Chi and Qi Gong  classes. Justin  has  worked  and  trained in  Beijing, China and  also taught in Taipei, Taiwan. He lives in Land O Lakes with his wife Claudia and three daughters, Jasmine, Gemma, and Areana.

Claudia Fontanini M.B.A.

Claudia  Fontanin i is  from  Venezuela  and  came  to  the US at the young age of 18 with a College Tennis  scholarship. She  was blessed by her family with healthy homemade fresh foods during all her upbringing years.
Back in  Venezuela, her grandmother introduced her to the areas of quantum physics and meditation.  At  the  age  of 24  she came  across a local wellness magazine educating the community on the dangers of chemicals in the food. She was intrigued by this information and started to become proactive by eating some organic foods and doing yoga. 

Later, Dr. Justin Fontanini  introduced  her to  Chinese Medicine and helped her solve her lifelong  headaches through the use of Acupuncture and Herbs. Since then, she has been studying  many  subjects  on  wellness  and  emotional  health. She  offers education  and orientation  to  our  patients  when  they  first  start  care at  our  clinic. Her  role  as a Case Manager  consists  of  monitoring  the  progress  of  all  patients  and  making  sure we are achieving  their  health  goals. As  of  today, she has been assisting the Doctors during the initial consultations and has literally interviewed hundreds  of patients. Claudia is  certified in Reiki, External Qi Healing, has attended numerous health seminars, and also offers I-Ching readings.  She also received her MBA from USF and lives in Land O Lakes with her husband Justin and two daughters, Jasmine and Gemma.

George Fontanini

George Fontanini is a Certified Holistic Health Educator. Herbalist and health researcher.

Diane Fontanini

Diane Fontanini’s  natural health  consciousness  goes  back to  more  than  40 years. She was  born  in  South Dakota  where  she lived in a farm with organic gardens.  Later on she lived in health  progressive  cities  such as  Boulder and Santa Cruz, made it easier for her and her family to become health oriented.

Diane   became  involved   with  Shaklee and  Herbal  Life, natural  health  companies  that offered  her  with great  knowledge  she  would use  for the rest  of her life. She has always been   interested   in   spring   water,  organic  food, Macro  Biotics  cooking   classes, and acupuncture.

Diane  always  says  she  has  been blessed with great health because of healthy food and life  style  choices. She  is  very  happy  to work with her family at Acupuncture and Natural Therapies in Tampa, FL.